How to Build a 90 Second Sermon
Watch this YouTube video on building a teleprompter for less than $35
Buy this $7 part from and use it for the camera mount
We use a Nexus 7 tablet with Android Prompter software (free) to roll the text
The camera is a Canon Vixia HF R10 that we bought on eBay for about $150
The wireless microphone is a low-end Audio-Technica; buy the least expensive one you can find
We use inexpensive photo lights from eBay with high color temperature (5500K) CFL bulbs for pure white
OUR COMPLETE EQUIPMENT LIST is available by clicking here
Watch this short video on How to Build It
Push it out: Read this blog post on how to use Facebook effectively
A 90 Second Sermon is written to make a single focused point effectively.
Brevity leaves no room for ad-libs, so the text is read from a script on a home-built teleprompter.
We use a plain, white background because of its clean look - no inadvertent background distractions.

If you have specific questions, please send us email.

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